Access to community data is important to use accurate information to benchmark and track community outcomes, and support business recruitment and expansion. 
Please see available data information options below to find out more. 

NCW SizeUp Local Business Intelligence Tool
Make better informed  business decisions with data that shows how you measure up against the competition in your industry. This tool helps you determine what
percent of businesses you are outperforming in your industry in revenue, size, salaries and more.  Read more....

Chelan Douglas Trends
Chelan Douglas Trends is an online community resource offering a centralized location to learn more about Chelan & Douglas Counties.
With over 140 indicators highlighted, all are supported by trusted, reliable sources and are continually updated. Read more...

Chelan Douglas Trends.jpg

Okanogan Fire Recovery
Measuring Impacts was born as a part of the Okanogan Fire Recovery effort and provides a benchmark of where the community
was in the months shortly after the 2014 and 2015 fires.  Read more...