Advancing the communities of Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan counties, and the Colville Confederated Tribes.
The North Central Washington Economic Development District (NCWEDD) is a federally designated economic development district, and 501(c)(3) nonprofit, serving the NCW region covering Okanogan, Douglas, and Chelan counties and the Colville Confederate Tribes.

The NCWEDD is responsible for regional economic development strategy and planning and collaborates with various private and public agencies to accomplish this goal. The NCWEDD brings together the private and public sectors in a partnership necessary to provide a coordinated strategy and an ongoing economic development program for the region.

Most of the communities and economic entities within our geographic reach understand the benefits of the NCWEDD and thus elect to establish membership within the organization. The NCWEDD is governed by a Board of Directors chosen from our membership and the Board elects officers to oversee operations. Committees are established to progress the work of the NCWEDD as needed. As such, the NCWEDD has become a beneficial driving force for the North Central Washington region.


The North Central Washington Economic Development District will be characterized by a vibrant and diverse economy.


To promote diversification and development of existing and potential economic opportunities that enhance the stability and future of the NCW region.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles establish a broader framework for the EDD vision and mission statements. They identify a set of values critical to the success of achieving our vision. Though each of these principles stands alone in reflecting our committee’s values, it is recognized that some may either complement or conflict with others. The ideal projects will balance competing principles when possible.

  • We recognize the importance of maintaining rural lifestyles and enhancing the quality of life.

  • We value the preservation of unique and significant natural and cultural resources, and respect diverse cultures.

  • We encourage participation of all citizens and consensus-based planning and recognize that success requires a long-term commitment.

  • We value the importance of understanding our regional economy and using that to shape the future.

  • We believe partnerships expand opportunities.

  • We encourage sustainable economic development, believing that the integration of community, economy and environment is key to success

  • We play a leadership role for regional economic development in the region.

  • We believe in building on our strengths, supporting the maintenance and preservation of existing business and infrastructure.


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Articles of Incorporation

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