A customizable mobile app that drives visitor engagement and commerce for communities by rewarding users for visiting places. The more places visited, the more points earned. Points can be redeemed for discounts on goods and services within the community. By deploying the app, organizations can go beyond basic maps and directory listings - making their communities more fun, memorable and rewarding for visitors.

Some of the benefits of the app are:

Benefit 1: Robust Analytics

An online control panel provides valuable data about visitor activity, volume and origin.

Benefit 2: Customization of App

Brand and control the look and feel, locations and content of your app. Dynamically update information.

Benefit 3: Create Year-Around Engagement

Structure rewards to benefit you year-round and create additional revenue streams. 

NCWEDD is confident that the NCW Insider App will help drive new customers in your door's and isn't that something that every business strives for?

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