Scope of Work 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 Scope of Work contains 5 objectives which are listed below.

I. Completely re-write Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy to reflect the changes in the regional economy:

   a. Examine the economic impact of the Alcoa Closure on the Wenatchee metropolitan area.
   b. Examine the economic impact of the 2014-2015 fires in Okanogan County.
   c. Continue projects that collect, process and present data to the public in Chelan and Douglas as well as Okanogan Counties.
   d. Use data to drive decision making.
   e. Include a list of projects eligible for USDA funding in order to take advantage of Section 6025 of the 2014 Farm Bill.
   f. Hold public hearings in Okanogan, Chelan, and Douglas Counties.
   g. Launch a new Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy by July 1, 2017.

II. Develop Infrastructure Projects in the Region:

   a. Abolish the project ranking system in its entirety.
   b. Develop guidelines for EDA and USDA funded infrastructure projects in the region.
   c. Work with member governments to develop applications for EDA and USDA projects that fit the guidelines.
   d. Provide grant writing and technical assistance services to member governments on USDA and EDA applications as needed and as requested.
   e. Provide vetting services to member governments as needed and as requested on economic development projects.
   f. If any projects are awarded, work with member governments as requested to assist in the administration of the projects.
   g. Complete the installation of, and continue the maintenance of, the Plug In NCW Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network on US 2 and Highway 97.

III. Continued Board and Staff Development:

   a. Attend regional and national conferences as appropriate.
   b. Hold a retreat for the Board of Directors and work with EDA to invite the EDR to attend the retreat and give an overview of EDA Programs.
   c. Develop presentations on economic development projects in the region for the Board to better define economic development and the role of Economic Development Districts.

IV. Adapt to a 21st Century Working Environment:

   a. Review and completely rewrite organizational bylaws.
   b. Review and completely rewrite organizational personnel policies.
   c. Change the Board Structure to ensure representation of every dues-paying Member government on the full EDD Board of Directors.
   d. Examine and perhaps implement a dues increase to improve the financial sustainability of the organization.

V. Respond to Changes in the Region As Necessary:

   a. Maintain a flexible organizational posture that allows the organization to participate in emerging projects.
   b. Keep abreast of developments in the region.
   c. Continue work to promote the US 97 Corridor and increase tourism after recent fires.

Individuals, Organizations, or Municipalities which are interested in any of the above objectives are encouraged to contact NCWEDD to discuss any of the above objectives. 509-682-6907