Scope of Work 2017-2018

OBJECTIVE 1 - Improve regional awareness of the EDD’s role and goals.
The EDD is a champion and resource for regional economic development across the three counties, with a focus on regional trade, tourism and transportation. However, community stakeholders are not always aware of the support the EDD can provide.


  • Revamp our newsletter to reiterate our core foci and help subscribers efficiently learn about economic activity in the region that has implications FOR the region: NCW Brag & Flag
  • Present to regional chambers, ports, business associations, and other economic development organizations
  • Circulate an annual report in July (including updates about the Plug-In NCW electric vehicle committee, the Chelan Douglas Trends and Okanogan Economic Recovery data projects, and the Route 97 partnership), and convene an All Members meeting each December
  • Hold an annual Capital Campaign to tell the story of the EDD’s work in District communities, and raise funds to offset operating and program costs.
  • Contract with a translator to provide Spanish translations for EDD newsletters, and annual reports.

LEAD: Executive Director, with work study student assistant Administrative & Communications Coordinator EDD Board Members


  • Increase in newsletter subscriptions, Facebook likes, Twitter followers
  • Number of presentations to other economic development organizations
  • Raising at least $10,000 during the capital campaign

OBJECTIVE 2 - Identify Priority Regional Projects of Economic Significance
While not a grant making organization, the EDD can assist other entities and municipalities in sourcing economic development funds by providing them with letters of support that state how and why a project can benefit the NCW region.

Revive and update the priority projects ranking process so as to respect the time resources of applicants, while helping them prepare for timely application for private or public funding support of ranked projects

LEAD:  EDD Priority Projects Committee, Executive Director


  • Creation of a priority ranking application that emphasizes the current, active economic development plans in the District (e.g. the Okanogan Economic Recovery Plan, the Colville Tribes CEDS, Our Valley, Our Future, the port districts’ comprehensive plans, and the Economic Alliance of Okanogan County’s strategic plan).
  • Identification of at least one prospective funding source, for the top five ranked projects.
  • Writing and submitting at least one grant or other funding request for a top five ranked project.
  • Number of grant administration contracts with funded priority project designees

OBJECTIVE 3 - Facilitate Regional Communication to Identify Shared Strategies
The EDD can serve as a politically and geographically neutral convener to create opportunities for community stakeholders to learn about and work with each other in order to efficiently advance economic development initiatives, with minimal redundancy in efforts. This requires the Executive Director’s frequent meetings with membership in order to more effectively keep abreast of ongoing projects and interests, and identify points of overlap across the District

Host quarterly convenings, and workforce development workshops in support of:
○ The tourism industry (delivered with TOTA, our Canadian partners for the Route 97 Touring Program)
○ Entrepreneur and small business development and resiliency
○ Alternative Energy, with particular attention to advances in electric vehicles, battery storage, and new opportunities for hydropower
○ Community data analytics
● Regional Economic Forum & Community Wealth Summit where nonprofits, investment advisors, land trusts, cooperatives, traditional businesses, etc. can present on what they have done, the opportunities they have available an

LEAD: EDEDD Convenings Committee, Executive Director, Administrative and Communications Manager


  • Number of registrants & attendees
  • Number of action commitments created & completeD
  • Number of convening & summit co-sponsors and value of sponsorships

OBJECTIVE 4 - Facilitate Regional Entrepreneurship and Small Business Resilience
The EDD will build on the investment it made in developing the NCW Connect web portal to support small business development and growth in the District. EDD efforts will focus on business resiliency planning and implementation


  • Update content
  • Asset-Map key economic development resources in the District
  • Identify and support resources that facilitate business resilience planning and execution

LEAD: EDD NCW Connect Committee EDD Board (asset mapping project), Executive Director, Administrative and Communications Manager


  • NCW Connect website analytics
  • Number of businesses participating in business resilience workshops
  • Number of business resilience plans created

OBJECTIVE 5 - Review and Update EDD Policies, Procedures, and Membership
The EDD and the communities we serve have undergone significant changes in the last two years. The EDD will complete a review and update to operational policies and procedures and bylaws, as needed.


  • Create and update the CEDS annually
  • Complete an audit of the EDD membership model and fee-structure to effect a tiered fee structure based on entity size, revenue and EDD resource use
  • Concerted effort to improve inclusion and participation of members from underrepresented demographics and sectors (e.g. Hispanic and Native American, and agriculture)
  • Diversify funding sources to include foundations, a capital campaign, fee-based EDD services for non-members, and fiscal sponsorship for aligned organizations and projects

LEAD: EDD Executive Committee, Executive Director


  • Membership engagement and retention
  • Number of EDD members engaged in the bylaws, and policy & procedures review
  • Acceptance of the CEDS update
  • Renewal of the EDA Partnership Planning Grant
  • Addition of 1+ organization member, serving an underrepresented demographic or sector